Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Buzzards 'n Tumbleweed 'n Shit

Hey, you!

What are you still doing here? What, were you hiding back in the bathroom when we closed and locked up?

So you’re still hanging out at “Lesbians in My Soup,”  huh? That is so 2013. We are all over at the new digs at Fascist Dyke Motors  now.

I think maybe it is some kind of car company.

Anyway, you should update your links. You are missing out on what has been happening over there:

My Possible Pasts  is about finding new life in my daddy’s dirty socks.

How to Pronounce the Word ‘Orgy’   will teach you how to insult somebody.

The Good Queer, Part 1  explains why “No Shirt No Shoes No Service”  signs are so important to Americans.

The Good Queer, Part 2”  is about me vowing to be me.

You can stick around here if you want. There are some good bits scattered through these old posts, like the one where I get run over by a canoe in downtown Houston and this other one where I get trapped inside a couch.

Still, this place is mostly like a museum now.


  1. Katy. I had stopped stopping by and was all sad and shit that you were out of my life. Now that you are back, I'm feeling somewhat better. If we could end gun violence..........

    Fuck Walmart! How's the kids and the bed mate?

    1. Everything has been moved. No more soup.

      We'll never be out of each other's lives so long as the stalking laws in Southern states are so riddled with loopholes.

  2. I just like to drop by every once in awhile.

    1. I still get a few page views over here. I'm thinking about transferring some of these posts over to the new site - I can keep the original dates and comments, it appears. There are a few posts here I'm proud of!


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