Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Top 10 Favorite Albums

Hey, martin luther!
Not the king. The other guy. The ex-priest. The theses not the dream.
Not vouching for a thing he says, mind you. I cannot – raised Catholic, still required to expectorate on every occasion cursèd name spoken (Sit, anathema, sit!), also Bishop Arius John Calvin Henry VIII altar boys who talk too much. But Luther with kryptonite theses & at least one time he says this:

To whatever we look for any good thing & for refuge in every need, that is what is meant by ‘god.’ … To whatever you give your heart & entrust your being, that, I say, is really your god.”

IF taken as true for purposes of this discussion, this discussion & this discussion only THEN this – follow the bouncing syllogistic ball – must be true:

A. if a person’s god = that to which:
S/he looks to for every good thing
S/he looks to for refuge in every need
S/he gives her heart
S/he entrusts her being

and B. music = that to which:
I look to for every good thing
I look to for refuge in every need
I give my heart
I entrust my being

Then C. my god = music

Scandalous, yes. Scandalous, I know: Me, a theist! But the logic – capital L logic – is hanging there, pissing in the wind for all to see, & as my Unkle Wipple always used to say, “You just can’t argue with logic!”

Now let me explain go back explain not how this works of course not that no one knows that 
but explain the path how it is I get here.

In the beginning. Paleolithic time. Eleven year old Katy (still floats in warm hope she might one day grow into those eyes like puppies into paws). Headphones. Lies in bed. Soundvibes like worms into the ears: Genesis or Pink Floyd or Incredible String Band or Talking Heads when-  

Cra-a- [I Am Who Am] -a-ck!

-There. That. Did you hear it? Just a flash. Just. One split second that changes everything, that’s all.

& in that second that eternal instant a certainty: God has placed-hidden-submerged the sound of his Holy Name spoken into a music & sent it down the stream.

& too, this: That sound can be located-identified-isolated like some mutant sequence of DNA. That sound can be located-identified-isolated maybe even by ME! A simple sound waiting for ME to stumble into it.

Scripture says it: The sound of the Holy Name spoken kills the flesh – Death maybe but Enlightenment surely! – & I go on searching anyway, 16 years & counting. & I hear traces in black metal, rumors in Arvo Pärt. I chase didgeridoos & Tuvan throat singers down dark alleys that twist in upon themselves & into where Captain Beefheart still howls.

You should listen.

The footprints of God
Alright then. Alright now. Enough of my cheap wordplay nonsense.
I will just show you. Let me show you. Reveal, even. This is what I’ve found so far…

01.       The Microphones – Mount Eerie                                        (2003)
02.       Peter Gabriel – Passion                                                      (1989)
03.       Pink Floyd – The Final Cut                                                 (1983)
04.       Tom Waits – Swordfishtrombones                                     (1983)
05.       Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway                (1974)
06.       Dirty Projectors – The Getty Address                                (2005)
07.       Lou Reed – Magic and Loss                                              (1992)
08.       Tom Waits – The Black Rider                                            (1993)
09.       Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea         (1998)
10.       Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel #3                                        (1980)

Be careful. Especially w/ those top 3. They are divine & eggshell skulls may explode.

I will report back when I find more.  I feel I’m closing in on it…


  1. My favorite music of alltime is 80-90s pop. But I have to be honest I dont recognise any of the above. Maybe I was listening to wrong music all time. I will check out these.
    And the a,b and c seems to be vary valid. Perfect corollary. And I could totally approve that message.

    1. Hey there!

      Yeah, I'm probably kind of a music snob. I try NOT to be, but... I have a tough time making a piece of music my own if I can picture who the audience is for something.

      One day. I'm going to find something that makes my head explode. Just you wait!

  2. I`d still like to see that list of your top 10 favorite movies of all-time, i know you said you dont watch modern movies very much anymore (neither do i for that matter) but you must have some memorable memories of movies that you saw when you were younger, i`d love to know what they are.

    1. I will do a top 10 movies list sometime!

      A lot of my favorite movies are from the last 10-15 years, actually. I just don't see a lot of NEW movies when they come out.

      You just reminded me that I want to write a "Dumbo" blog.


    2. Really? You're the Romero? If so, I am going to eat your brain.

    3. Yes, it's a great honor to get celebrities like that on my page. I think President Obama was here a few weeks back.

      You can have Romero's brain. I want his glasses.

  3. You get absolutely mad props for "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" (Genesis was so much more interesting up until "Seconds Out" [the live album which was in essence the swan-song of their real creativity] - "Selling England By The Pound" is a close #2).

    You get huge props - not mad, understand, just huge; perhaps because NMH is properly another generation's music - but "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" is a damn fine album.

    (We've had our discussion about Marc Bolan - 'Salamanda Palaganda' and the rest of the cuts from their first two albums got me through a lot of college homework, and influenced my own musical style as a sometime-guitarist more than I probably wanted to admit at the time.)

    Is music 'god'?

    Probably not.

    But hey....

    1. Does that mean you don't agree with Martin Luther on something, Will? Hmm.

      But I am a complete SUCKER for the sound of the mellotron. I know mellotrons were banned by law from ever appearing in rock music as of 1976, but I don't care: I love anything with a mellotron in it. Genesis used them to great effect up through about the time when Steve Hackett left (which was actually during the mixing of "Seconds Out").

      I don't have early Marc Bolan - I do have some of his glam period T. Rex material. But I like the music of a freak folk guys from the 00's named Devendra Banhart, and I am told he sounds EXACTLY like early Bolan...

      When I die, I hope I dissolve into pure sund...

    2. Ah, the mellotron....

      I love the mellotron. Screw all of the haters. Early Moodies music was, and is, some of the Best Stuff Ever Written. (Note: Forget ANYTHING they did after "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour")

      Early Marc Bolan is hidjeous-hard to find. I've used these guys to good effect when I'm seeking out-of-print and impossible-to-find (they even got me a copy of Black Monk Time by The Monks - about six weeks before it was re-released on CD).

      Have listened with some pleasure to Devendra. Yep - early Bolan. Still....

    3. I got the Moody Blues' "In Search of the Lost Chord" a few years back, and it still bows me away every time I hear it. I don't have "Future Passed," but the two AFTER "Chord" don't hit me quite the same way.

      This year, got Amon Duul II's "Wolf City" a few weeks back. Lots of mellotron and great prog/krautrock blend.

    4. "ISOTHLC" is my favorite Moody's album. One of the first songs my sixteen-year-old self learned front-to-back on my Fender Mustang was "Ride My See-Saw".

      I was first attracted to the band in 1968 at the age of 13 with "Tuesday Afternoon". That remains my favorite Moodies song.

      (Amon Duul II? I need to get that. Been a huge Krautrock fan from way before it was cool (and I still have everything Tangerine Dream and Popul Vuh ever did, including the bootlegs of concerts).

      Ever hear of Triumvirat? A bit dated, but still Prog to the core. "Spartacus" is something that belongs in everyone's collection, IMHO.

      (I realize now that my link only goes back to your page - some hinky Blogsplat thing, no doubt. The used-record company I was mentioning is this outfit: -> - a guy I know owns the place (they're here in Portland); I swear you can find anything, if it's confined to all genres of rock, plus blues and jazz.

    5. A few years back, I heard "Timothy Leary's Dead" for the first time and couldn't figure out how I had missed the Moody Blues for so long.

      Popul Vuh I found via Werner Herzog films.

      I still have a lot of prog to get through. I tend not to indiscriminately like any genre, but there's a chance that when I'm old, I'm just going to sit around vegging out to generic Italian prog from the 1970s or something.

      I will check out recordsbymail!

  4. Lotsa Gabriel on that list. The only way to properly enjoy Gabriel is to listen via a boobmbox held over ones head. You probably have really strong arms. I wouldn't try doing that with Pink Floyd though, they take a bit too long getting to the point.

    1. I have never seen that movie, but there was a reference to it on SNL last night. Gabriel recently told Rush Limbaugh to stop using his songs, and SNL suggested that Limbaugh might get him back by standing outside his window with a boombox.

      Incidentally, if I listed my favorite TWENTY albums, there'd be even more Gabriel. It's almost embarrassing, really.

    2. You've never seen Say Anything???

      Say it isn't so....

    3. I missed almost all of those classic Eighties movies. Never seen a movie with Molly Ringwold in it, either...

    4. "I missed almost all of those classic Eighties movies. Never seen a movie with Molly Ringwold in it, either..."

      I fear for your sanity; I do.

      Molly Ringworm is a rite-of-passage. So is "Say Anything", and most films by John Hughes. (I mean, if you don't know that Shermer High School is named after a street, and that there are inside-jokes in every Hughes film, you haven't lived....)


      "If You Were Here" by the Thompson Twins closes out the film. There's not much better in the '80's genre - unless "Warm Leatherette" comes to mind....

    5. I have a mental block to everything Eighties (yes, I realize that fur of my top ten albums were released during that decade). I'm too pretentious for much of the Eighties.

      There's some great, dark British music of that period, though - especially when you listen to it NOW, where the fact that it sounds horribly dated makes it sound just that much creepier.

  5. I LOVE YOU KATY! You opened a blog with transitive relation! Awesome!!

    I am with you on at least of 50% of your favorite albums. That may be more than any other person I know. Sadly I gave up listening to most pop music around 1990, so anything current is really hit and miss

    1. Thanks! I managed to work a few different things into this one. I'm not sure the payoff was there, but I don't care. I've wanted to start a blog with a picture of Peter Gabriel in his flower outfit from "Supper's Ready" for a long time.

      So hang up the "Mission Accomplished" banner.

      There's some good stuff that has come out in recent years. It just takes so much damn digging, which is okay by me.

  6. I loved all the word play - being the not so good Catholic girl that I am - and I'm going with Pink Floyd as my number one.

    Great post.

    Peace be with you.. ; )

    1. Thank you!

      There's going to be a lot of filler the next few weeks. I have a term paper I'm supposed to be working on and can't spend the time planning and writing that i normally do.

  7. Why aren't there any chicks on your list?

    1. I just don't have any good albums featuring poultry!

      Sad but true.

  8. I am ashamed to admit I am only familiar with Lou Reed, Tom Waits,Peter Gabriel, and Pink Floyd. And out of those four, I only like, no, LOVE, Pink Floyd and Lou Reed.

    1. Of the newer artists, Neutral Milk Hotel's album probably has the widest potential appeal. It's the concept album Syd Barrett could have done if he'd gotten all of his powers under control.

      The Lou Reed album has a lot of great ideas and lyrics on it. It's an album about death.

      There's a lot of dark stuff on this list!

  9. "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"!!

    Katy Anders, you are a credit to your generation! There is hope for the future, so long as there are weird intelligent outspoken people who worship GOOD MUSIC!

    1. And yet another quote for my "Praise for..." page.

      Okay, it's the first quote for that page. It's just that and a bunch of insults by enemies.

      But it's a start, and an actual compliment!

  10. This is great music.

    1. Hey, Gina.

      Thanks. I'll check out your page!

  11. jervaise brooke "HAMSTER"March 14, 2012 at 4:08 PM

    Katy, have you noticed how every post that you publish has an average of about 20 com-girl-ts (and allowing 20 replys from your good self as well), so thats 20 people out there who are obviously madly in love with you (especially me of course). I was just wondering which one of them you loved the most ?, could it be a certain internet rodent, i wonder ?.

    1. Oh, I can't pick a favorite. I love all of you equally, though in different ways.

  12. Your logic is sound. And I believe I'm actually an unintentional member of your musically holy flock. What do you call that? The Church of Divine Audiology? Anyway, kickass music list. You've got killer taste (if one would of course assume that my taste means diddly squat as a comparative quality standard) in music.


    1. Now you have forced me to consider possible names for a music cult.

      Sun Ra had an album called "Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy" and another called "Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow." Ether of those would work.

      Still, I think I'll go with ripping off the title to Steve Stapleton and David Tibet's album, "Musical Pumpkin Cottage."

      I don't see how I don't have an obligation to start a blog with that name now...

  13. Since you count page views and not comments in this forum, I keep coming back to read comments and bump your numbers. I can stop if it is skewing the results. You opened with math, so it makes me wonder if you are tracking the mean and standard deviation of your blogs. For all I know you are running polynomials for topics (Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll, other) during the slow times at the basement Quick-e-mart. There is a finite amount of Red Bull drinking lawyers you have to maintain during the course of any given day.

    1. I really haven't found a good gauge of reactions to the posts here as of yet.

      There IS a notable variation in the number of page views between, say, "Sex Histories" and "Lost. Something. REWARD!" But in general, my page views are so skewed because of phantoms from Ukraine as to make it all meaningless.

      Page views do make a difference, though... I mean, the more domestic tales I'm writing this year have blown the lid off the darker stuff from late last year.

      Therefore, I don't see how I have any choice but to post my grocery list this weekend. Gotta give folks what they want!

  14. Katy have you ever listened to Mike Oldfield's Amarok? You don't really need to like his other works, but Amarok is possibly Mt. Eerie on steroids. But you definitely need to listen to it more than once, really. I have met lots of people who first hated Amarok, but somehow one lonesome neuron in their brains seemed to have liked on the first listen. And then they throw in the CD (one song, 60 minutes) back again, come to the conclusion that Amarok is not *that* bad", so they listen to it again - and at some point they're hooked.

    1. You have just described how I became hooked to almost all of my favorite albums.

      I don't have any Oldfield - although I have heard all of "Tubular Bells" at some point.

      I'm really just beginning to crack those early electronic and Krautrock acts (Amon Duul II and Popol Vuh have been on my agenda for the year), so Oldfield would be within the realm of possibility.

      I will check it out, Bert!


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